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Undervalued and underpaid, simple words to describe a percentage of the next generation of young people in unfair employments circumstances.

According to research made by the Young Women’s Trust one in five young people are illegally being paid less than the National Minimum Wage, which is £8.91 for 23 and over, £8.36 for 21 to 22, £6.56 for 18 to 20 and £4.62 for Under 18s and £4.30 for Apprentices, London being the worst affected area by this research.

A study of more than 4,000 people aged 18 to 30 by the Young Women’s Trust found those in London were…

Why emergency food providers should be using their voice to influence change and where to start.

Picture of volunteers at Legendary Community Club. Title states “food provision is a political act”.
MCT Millwall community trust volunteering with LCC

The (food) poverty issue

April signals the end of the first year of a pandemic few of us could have predicted would last this long. It also marks the expected beginning of yet a new cut to the UK’s social security system, despite poverty remaining rampant. The unemployment rate is the highest it has been in 5 years and is expected to rise even higher, while food bank usage has more than doubled. People of Colour, women, trans people, disabled people, working class people

Cash should be going to families, not to big business

13th January 2021

A viral tweet of 11 January exposed the depressing reality for over 1.4 million young people in England who are supposedly being supported by Free School Meal (FSM) hampers. The said hamper was intended to feed a school-age child for 10 days, however barely contained £5 worth of food. Enraged responses have erupted from politicians and civil society, including Marcus Rashford, the Manchester United star whose food poverty campaign forced the government into two U-turns.

The images have outraged everyone at Legendary Community Club (LCC). We are…


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